Welcome to ipaynow.com.ng – a platform where registered Merchants earn from three major activities, rendering POS services, paying utility bills, and earning referral bonus. Merchants earn commission from buying Airtime and Data for all networks, paying Electricity Bills as well as Cable TV Subscriptions like DSTV, GOtv, and Startimes. Merchants also earn Referral Bonus from Subscription/Upgrade fees paid by those they refer to the platform, as well as earn from carrying out POS services.
However, as a Non-Merchant, you can still buy Airtime, Data and pay Utility bills by using the GUEST USERS button below


Registration on this platform is free as you are not required to pay any money to create a FREE PLAN. Upon registration, a Sterling Bank account number is automatically created for the Merchant. Thereafter, the Merchant can fund this account by transfering funds from any bank mobile app. Once funded, the Merchant can commence rendering all services and earn commissions from them.

However, to earn higher commissions (Double of Free Plan) Merchants may be required to uprade to the CLASSIC PLAN by paying a subscription/upgrade fee of ₦2,500.00 (Two Thousand, Five Hundred Naira).

Merchants earn from the avenues enumerated below:

Earn from Data, Airtime &
Utility Payment

Merchants earn discounts for buying Airtime & Data, paying Cable TV Subscription & paying Electricity Bills for customers on our platform. (This is a complete business you can embark on, recharging and paying Utility bills for your customers while earning commissions).

Earn from Affiliate

Merchants earn passive income through our single step affiliate system which works on a referral based commission. Upon registration and Upgrade of a Merchant's referral, the Merchant earns 20% (N500.00) of the Upgrade fee paid by such referral introduced to the platform.

Earn from
POS Services

Merchants earn from carrying out POS services. Deposit and Receive Money for your customers to and from any bank in Nigeria.

Merchant Commission Rates